Friday, January 21, 2005

A Study of Bilingual Chinese/English Children's Code Switching Behavior

A Study of Bilingual Chinese/English Children's Code Switching Behavior. This is an interesting article for those of you who deal with bilingual students. It is from Academic Exchange Quarterly.

From the site:

This paper reports the findings from a study that explores young Chinese/English bilingual children’s code switching behavior in a Chinese language program. In particular, it describes one bilingual child’s patterns of language use. The findings suggest that code switching was used as a communicative device by the children in the study. They switched languages during their speech in order to realize social function, pragmatic function, and meta-linguistic function. Educational implications are also provided.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

White House Kids

White House Kids. Provides educational information geared for children about the President, the White House, and the President's pets and animals, Spotty, Barney, and India.

From the site:

America's presidents have represented many states, held different occupations and faced difficult challenges. However, each president answered the same call--the call to serve the American people. As you learn about the presidents, think about ways you can serve your neighbor, community or country today.