Monday, October 04, 2004

Miss Healey and Mrs. Zakowski's Kinder"Garden"

Miss Healey and Mrs. Zakowski's Kinder"Garden" - Two teachers from Central Falls School District in Rhode Island provide links to their curriculum and activity ideas and links for parents, students and teachers.

From the site:

Come into our Kindergarten. We have a full day program in a school that has alot of old charm. Our corner room has a huge tree just outside the window. Often when I look out, I feel like we are in a tree house since the classroom is located on the second level.

Hope you have a nice visit and if you are a teacher, make sure that you visit the Themes and Book Ideas area. There are about 20 book ideas for early childhood educators.

Our class has a pet hamster so I developed a Pet Detective Webquest that I hope you will visit.

I'm very happy to be beginning another year. I have a new online project with 21 participants. It should be lots of fun!!!


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