Monday, August 16, 2004

The Room 012 Third Grade Class Home Page

The Room 012 Third Grade Class Home Page Award winning website at Anne E. Moncure Elementary School in Stafford, Virginia. In addition to school specific information, also offers many links and interactive math and language skills practice.

From the site:

Welcome to our Third Grade Class in Room 012 at Anne E. Moncure Elementary School, a public school in the Stafford County Public School System in Stafford, Virginia.

The information presented here is intended primarily for my students and their parents in order to keep everyone informed about homework, projects, and other activities that we will be doing throughout the year. We gladly welcome all visitors to our site and are happy to share our projects, assignments, activities and ideas found on these pages.

Colleagues will find some useful teacher resources and interactive classroom activities that I have used with my class throughout the years.


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