Thursday, March 04, 2004

Law-Related Education in Elementary and Secondary Schools

Law-Related Education in Elementary and Secondary Schools. This is an essay which looks at programs which teach students about the law. It is a good read on this topic.

From the site:

Law-related education (LRE) in elementary and secondary schools has grown remarkably since the 1970s. A nation-wide curriculum survey (Hahn 1985) reveals that, since 1975, LRE has been added to the curriculum in more than half of the forty-six states involved in the study. Respondents in Hahn's study (state-level curriculum specialists and supervisors) mentioned LRE more frequently than any other curriculum theme as new to the social studies program since 1975. They also ranked LRE fourth as a priority in social studies education; it ranked eleventh in 1975.

It seems that teaching and learning about law in elementary and secondary schools is an important trend in social studies education. This ERIC Digest treats (1) the meaning of law-related education, (2) reasons for including LRE in the curriculum, (3) ways to include LRE in the curriculum, and (4) characteristics of effective LRE programs in elementary and secondary schools.


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