Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Helping Your Child Use the Library

Helping Your Child Use the Library. Details ways that parents can help their children learn to use the library.

From the site:

You don't have to have a house overflowing with books to give your children this kind of experience. Your local public library is home to an abundance of books, plus many other valuable resources.

One of the most exciting and innovative areas in the library today is the children's section. Most public libraries now offer a wide variety of children's books and magazines. Some even offer selected materials in foreign languages (most often Spanish, French, and some Asian languages). Usually there is a children's librarian specially trained to help find just the right book--whether it's Mother Goose or how to do a science project. In addition to printed materials, libraries often lend audio- and videocassettes of children's books and movies. They may sponsor special programs, including story hours for youngsters (from toddlers on up), summer reading programs, and homework help. Many libraries also provide valuable resources for teenagers, such as term paper "clinics" and information and referral services.

Keep in mind too that a visit to the library can help enrich your life as an adult. Whether you are seeking information or just a "good read,"" your local public library has a lot to offer.


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