Tuesday, March 02, 2004

The Foundation for Children's Books

The Foundation for Children's Books. Works to help teachers, librarians, and parents select and use quality children's literature. It includes a calendar of events, information about programs, newsletter, and award information. Located in Boston, Massachusetts.

From the site:

We believe . . .

In order for children to become fluent readers they must want to read. But how do we instill in children the enthusiasm for reading good books? We believe teachers, librarians, and parents are key.

Good books, properly shared in school and family settings, help children develop a love of reading and learning. Good books also offer an invaluable introduction to language, literacy, values, critical thinking, and cultural diversity


In 1983, a group of educators and children's literature advocates founded The Foundation for Children's Books (FCB), a nonprofit, educational organization. The mission they established endures: to help teachers, librarians and parents select and use quality children's literature in order to instill in children the joy of reading as a prerequisite for literacy and lifelong learning.


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